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Banding or something else?

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Model number UE40JU6445K 

I have a dark horizontal band near the top of the screen. It is very noticeable when panning and gaming. Is this normal banding? Everything I read suggests banding is vertical not horizontal15352820703441050519590.jpg


MasukaH Moderator

Hi @Amethven86


Is the software on your TV up to date? Let's try a Picture Test. Go to > Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test. Does the image show properly? 



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Hi. Yes TV is up to date. I have tried picture test and and line is faintly visible but is very prominent on grey backgrounds and particularly noticeable when gaming and moving the game's camera

ChrisM Moderator

Let's try a reset on the TV, @Amethven86. Go to Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. Note, any saved settings will go back to the default settings.


Also, could you confirm the current software version of the TV for us? Go to Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.


Hi Mate


I had a similiar band on my Q7, It wasnt there when purchased but manifested over time and eventually I had a couple of these horizontal bands across the TV. To remedy samsung replaced the panel (after trying a new one connect box and lead) 


If the problem has only recently started then I would say it is faulty. Normal banding is due to poor panel uniformity and if it was that it would have been present from the beginning


attached a pic to show what mine was like prior to replacement




Screenshot 2018-09-01 at 17.49.09.png

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