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Backlight flashing & audio problems KS7000


Hi all,

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced backlight flashing when on a black screen. I have noticed this on my KS7000 on a number of different inputs mainly ps4/bluray. The best example is while playing BF1 and I quit to the start screen, the screen blanks to black and I see the backlight flash from the sides mutliple times. It happens each time without fail. It only seems to happen after a fade to black, not during normal viewing. 

Also, during normal viewing from either my sky box or bluray player the audio instantly stops and then starts again, its not regular nor does there seem to be a pattern or be reproducable. It may not happen at all but last night watching a film for an hour or so it happend multiple times in a few moments but then not at all when i replayed the parts it happened during.

I also had had the audio disappear completely when resuing after a fast forward/rewind on my skybox, it will come back if briefly pause/unpause the viewing. 

I would be interested if anyone else has had this and if they have a solution.



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Not seen them problems on mine but if I do I will let you know.

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