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BUG report- Samsung UE49MU6405 2017 Smart TV rebooting after changing HDMI inputs - Solution Found

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I have an Samsung UE49MU6405 2017 Smart TV, Portuguese language, bought in Portugal, firmware 1123.


Sometimes the TV restarts itself when changing HDMI inputs. With the older firmware the image would became all messed up, but with this one it simply restarts itself.


After testing, i found that the problem is Game Mode. If every input has game mode enabled, the issue does not occur.


If every input has game mode disabled, the issue does not occur.


The issue occurs when changing from an HDMI input with game mode enabled to one that has game mode disabled or vice-versa.



It even occurs if i am on one HDMI input, go to settings, and enable game mode and disable right away and repeating this a few times(not exiting the menu). Even occurs if only one HDMI port is used.



I have UHD color enabled on ports 2 and 3.




HDMI 1 : Vodafone TV (UHD color off - game mode off)

HDMI 2 : PS4 (UHD color on - game mode on)

HDMI 3 : Shield TV (UHD color on - game mode on)


Changing between those outputs a few times crashes the TV. I don´t know if the UHD color mode has something to do with that. But probably not.


Again, just entering the menu and enabling/disabling game mode a few times crashes the tv.




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Vodafone TV? whats that.
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Oh, it's an set top box. Vodafone provides internet and tv on my country. That's the box they provide to watch tv.


But don't worry. The update released yesterday, 1136, fixed the issue.

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