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BBC iPlayer not working on UE32ES5500K TV Smart Hub

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@Oceandriller wrote:
I have a UE46ES7000UxxU Smart TV and have just been subject to the same problem related to loading the BBC iPlayer. I have carried out the various actions recommended, unsuccessfully (the 0000 default pin was not accepted). Can you please advise how I can re-establish the iPlayer on my YV. My other devices are OK.


If it works on other TV's but not yours then the TV could be faulty. What you have to think about is after 30 days the retailer can say they are not responsible for third party apps so you have no come back.  It should work and I would send it back and get a telly that does do what you thought it should. 



If other apps are working and other TV functions too then it’s unlikely to be a problem with your hardware (TV). Suggest you call Samsung if you can’t remember your PIN. They are pretty good.

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BBC iplayer won't load. I've tried a suggested sequence of actions which leads to entering pin. 0000 was suggested, but that is not accepted. I don't know what my PIN is.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Ratnakara.


Try the following combinations:


1234, 4321, 1111.


Let us know if any work.

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We have tried the above and it won’t allow us to put the pin 0000 in, could there be another code? 


CarlH Moderator

Hi @Sam201. Have you tried the other suggestions that @ChrisM, mentioned? 1234, 4321, 1111. Let me know how you get on. 

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Thankyou so much for your advice, those numbers didn’t work but I tried 4567 and that worked 👍🏻 Just resetting now so fingers crossed it will solve the problem.

Thankyou so much again 😃 

CarlH Moderator

Nice one, @Sam201

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Hi all. Like many others out there I suddenly found myself not being able to access Iplayer on my 6 year old Samsung TV. Mine was not on the list of TV’s provided on the BBC website and the problem began to occur when the BBC Insisted that I now sign in to use Iplayer. Basically after 2 weeks of mucking about with trying this and trying that I appear to have stumbled upon my own personal solution.


*** Navigate to the BBC News app on the smart hub and click on it. It told me to update the software and 10 seconds later Iplayer was working. ***


Hopefully it will not disappear again and this solution helps some of you get back to watching what you pay for. 


ChrisM Moderator

Great news, @TGPB! Thanks for sharing!

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