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BBC iPlayer Not Loading Error 02001

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Syd40.


What's the model code of your TV?


Hi there 


Have you had any luck?? I am having the same issue in Spain where ipalyer isnt supported. 

I bought a Fire TV stick and connected to an UK server and when I thought it was all sorted I find out that Samsung and iPlayer do not work very well..


any help?

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Hi I am in Portugal, fighting against error 02001. I had a Samsung SmartTV for years streaming iPlayer happily over a VPN. Then it stopped and gave error 02001. I noticed the model was not listed on BBC iPlayer site as compatible with iPlayer. So I changed VPN provider (twice), upgraded two routers (of which one has the VPN installed permanently) and bought a SmartTV that IS listed on the BBC iPlayer site as being one that works with iPlayer. It is an MU6105, great TV. But no joy with iPlayer. Bought a Firestick. Also gives Error 02001! Samsung UK say I am abroad so can't help. Samsung Portugal this morning say they have little/no experience with UK apps but they are going to look into possibility of sending a technician. The alternative is to sell two Samsung TVs and switch brand, based on the BBC iPlayer site's list of compatible TVs. We will see
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Hi all, I've created an account to try and help you with what worked for me as I've not seen this fix on here yet. Plus it's super easy.

Do the following - 

1) select menu

2)head to system

3) click on DivX video on demand

4) register this code on the website

5) save the file to a sub

6) insert sub into your tv

7) play the video.


That's it after doing this and confirmation it's all installed and working correctly I've not had the issue once. Including on programs that was previously displaying the issue.


My firmware is 2880.2


You're welcome




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Thanks mate, I got the Registration code and video, saved it to the USB stick. I played the video successfully on the two TVs. But I still got the 02001 error. No joy here sadly. Thanks anyway


I've just tried this. It may no difference to BBC iPlayer. Still getting the same error message.

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