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BBC iPlayer Not Loading Error 02001

All fixed for me, including My5, with a USB stick.
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Is there a number I can ring
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Does anyone know a Samsung number I can have for this as my iPlayer isn’t working. Do they fix it for free as it is obviously a common fault

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Jimbaloo1.


You can get in touch with our Support Team by calling 0330 726 7864 and choosing the the Audio-Visual option.


Well the 1239 software did nothing to fix my problem. But the recently released 1240 that i installed did. BBC Iplayer all working again. Well done Samsung... you might just be getting somewhere now.

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After nearly a year of iPlayer and My5 being broken, the 1240 update my tv performed today has finally fixed it!! I cannot believe how long this has took to fix, and with people going through the hassle of hours on with support and getting motherboards replaced when all it needed was a code fix.  My previous Samsung tv lasted for 8 years and I was very happy with it, and was the reason I didn’t look at anything else when I bought my latest box, but I have to say I’ll be looking at other makes on my next purchase because of this. 

HI, like many I also had a non working iplayer, My5, Nowtv apps on my MU6400 just before I update to 1240 can I just confirm that all still works as should (I received a USB pen drive from Samsung that fixed the issue of non working apps) as I do not want to go through the hassle of finding out that these are again broken due to some coding error,
Thank you

Hi bazo,


I was worried too and was happy with 1239 and although I thought I had turned off automatic updates, 1240 was installed anyway - but yes iPlayer still works.



Hi, thank you for your reply I will update and see how it goes,


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Hi where can I get this firmware if you may share this. Kind regards ste 

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