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BBC iPlayer, News and Sports Apps won't play video on UE55MU6500


I'm getting the same problems on my UE55MU6400.  Iplayer has worked fine since we got the TV up until a week or so ago, looking at the iplayer info there was a new version released on the 14th Dec so may be related.  I can open iplayer and browse for shows but now whenever I try to play anything I get the spinning icon and then the same 02001 error.

I've updated the TV firmware to 1151, and tried re-installing the iplayer app from the store but no luck.

After reading this thread I've tried My5 for the first time and just get a 'Whoops' error, but the catch up apps for ITV and 4 work fine.

Sorry to welcome you into the no iPlayer group.
Have you tried the BBC News and BBC Sport apps, I have the same problem there.
Are you able to log a call for dial-in support. I have tried a couple of times but they seem to know when I am out! Maybe there is something they can adjust that we can't get access to.

What is also frustrating is that unlike all pre-2017 Smart TVs I was invited to watch the Blue Planet 2 in 4K but then I got the same spinning wheel of death!

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I have the same problem on my UE40MU6100, iPlayer used to work fine for the first few months I bought the tv, for about a month now it just won’t play any shows getting the “something went wrong” message - same with My5.  Have done a full reset and reinstall without success, this is so frustrating!


I have this problem on my Samsung 2017 49" Q7F QLED. I did post in another thread. The problem applies to iplayer and My5. All other apps work fine.


I contacted iplayer and they have now posted this message on their website:


I contacted Samsung support who took control of my TV, reset apps but that didn't work. I was told that Sansung are aware of it and it would be fixed in the next firmware update.  However, a newer firmware was released on 27th Dec 1155.1 but that didn't fix the issue.


I really wish Samsung could get this sorted out. I'd like to watch Blue Planet II in UHD, but fear it will be gone by the time this issue gets fixed.


I guess nobody has found a work around yet?

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