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Are these LEDs leak acceptable ? 55MU6100

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I have purchased 55MU6100. When I watch Netflix or Youtube of the one that 21:9 ratio with black panels on top and bottom, I have found the white LED leak spots down the bottom edge.


I have returned the first one got the 2nd and the 3rd tvs, and they still have a same leak spot, and even worse for the 3rd one. 


I have checked by myself at stores, but it was very difficulut, due to the ambient lights at the stores were very bright. I took them home, and watching at night with light off as ordinary, then I have found these spots.


1st one1st one


2nd  one2nd one


3rd one3rd one


Are these leaks acceptable ? Are they having this kind of leak with every single one of this model ?


Does anyone own 55MU6100 model, I’ll do appreciate to have a quick test for me.


Thank you

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