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Apps storage space issue


Perhaps Trading Standards. I really don't want to let this go. I will research further what could be done.

I need ur support on my tweet i have shared above. Need to show samsung its real issue. Samsung keeps saying that its what it is. U can't see or use 4gb. And NU and RU have model difference thats Y RU shows full 4GB while NU dont. But i m saying that, while NU n RU both have same OS Firmware and out of the box apps installed, only difference is hardware components and hardware components won't make any difference untill MOBO have any fault. I hve confirmation from samsung via mail that NU and RU both have 4GB storage on its UHD TVs. So if RU is showing full 4GB storage i.e 1.47 used 2.7 available, then NU should also show it. If its not its a design flaw. But samsung guys are not entertaining this fact, they just keep on saying their false reports. My only concern is if samsung TV have 4GB storage, thats what samsung told me, samsung have to show me where is it being used, just show me. Don't tell me os taking this apps taking that, if they are taking any storage, show me in status, like any device shows.

Update: Talked to my bank, through which i bought on EMI. Bank said we can revert money and interest if customer asks us. I have alrdy told this thing to dealer. I m just waiting for dealer and samsung answers in next 7 days. After that i m going to stop EMI payment and my lawyer will send notice to dealer and samsung, as my lawer alrdy suggest me to wait for some days. Its a sure sure win for me as samsung is unable to resolve or respond properly

@VKS3385 That's good news if you're covered financially.

Regarding Twitter, last summer some of us here tried the social media route but got nothing but a few patronising and totally incorrect responses from Samsung. 


The problem with this issue is that it's quite subtle for those that don't have the TV, and many don't understand it. I'm sure a lot of owners don't notice it either as they use external boxes and Firesticks for smart apps.

You can't format the flash... You can't get more space .. ***** you SAMSUNG
Well, there's the thing that tizen is pretty limited as os ( at least in the implementation we got ), too. Especially considering the amount of space it uses. And the amount of apps we can install is in the hundreds at best
I sense I'll "reach" you all soon. During the last few days the space went down from a constant 11% free ( around 100mb ) to around 48mb (without installing / doing anything at all) aka 5%

Samsung tech support are not permitted to use this forum


The bs we have to deal with is no concern of theirs

Then how come those RU UHD models hving same 4GB flash storage have above 2gb storage available free to use. While in NU its just 165mb only. Both NU n RU runs on same OS and have same inbuilt apps. Only difference is in hardware components and hardware dont deal with storages. Samsung said its samsung design that NU models dont show 4GB in total.😂😂😂😂😂 Marvelous Design Samsung....😂😂😂😂😂

I asked them y didn't samsung kept using same design in RU models if it was so great. The thing is Samsung have done a horrible mistake in whole NU models and simply don't wants to accept their mistake.

I did not read the entire thread so forgive me if I'm repeating other posts.

But I had the issue with my 4K TV and they did come out and replaced the motherboard.

Problem is the TV comes with preinstalled apps which cannot be deleted, I only had enough  space to install 2 apps.

Samsung kept pushing new apps to the TV which ultimately took up all the space leaving me with zero space to install apps that I actually wanted to use. Samsung must get compensation for this from the app people (Netflix, Hulu etc.)

To me this is completely insane.

Anyway, when the space was completely gone I called them back the the tech I got did know about the USB thumb drive, so I connected a thunb drive and I could download and use apps on the thumb drive but I believe this is very poor practice by Samsung; now maybe they all do it but I only have a Samsung smart TV..

so i connected after




It is at best a workaround and it doesn't solve the fundamental problem, which is that the built-in main apps need the main storage to update on and won't work on USB drives.

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