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Apps storage space issue


How do you remove the e-manual?


@Badaboing wrote:


Fingers crossed this should put me in a comfortable position for the time being. I'll continue to monitor things and will report back if anything significantly changes.

Have you checked the free space after turning off the TV and then switching back on? You might find it's gone down.


I actually did the Smart Hub reset a couple of days ago but only got round to posting the update tonight. The TV has been on and off a few times since then but the free space hasn't changed significantly in that time.

@chancooluk- I followed the links on page 28. One is a YouTube video (in Russian) showing a TV being restarted into Developer Mode and then a built-in app being deleted. The e-manual can be deleted in this way (there's no point deleting the other apps though because they automatically come back). There's a link on the same page explaining how to enable Developer Mode.


Ive had the same issue. NU7400 in December 2018 from eBuyer and 11 1/2 months later it is showing the internal memory as 0%. We cannot watch BBC iPlayer and that was installed as default.  it says we have 816Mb of memory and 0% available. I have tried to reset the smart hub and factory reset the TV. but the same problem persists.


I did log into the engineer's menu and saw that it has 4GB ram installed. but there was not much diagnosis tools in there that could test the issue. 


So after talking to Samsung support chat, they have arranged an engineer (local company) to come out and repalce the motherboard.


It looks like the firmware is corrupt or the actual RAM is corrupt.


I do remember when I bought it, it showed as approx 60% of the 816Mb as being full. and I was surprised ot only have 40% available.


I will have a chat with the engineer before accepting the repair as I asked the samsung support person for the warranty on repairs and they refused to comment. so if they say 3 months, then I will refuse to accept the repair as I am convinced a new mobo will not fix the issue permanently.


Update: The engineer arrived this morning. He fitted a new motherboard that was the same revision… (manufactured the same month) with 4 GB of RAM. After installation he booted up the TV and to his surprise I only had 36MB Free (4%) out of the 816 MB available. Samsung's technical documents suggested a smart hub reset would fix it, But this made no difference. 

The authorised Samsung engineer has gone through all his support documentation and there seems to be no technical bulletin to fix this issue. He is going back to chat to Samsung UK to find out how to resolve this as he seemed quite surprised that a new replacement motherboard only has 36mb free when each app takes up 10mb. 


Hi everyone, just want to share how I managed to resolve this issue with an out of warranty (12 months) TV bought from Argos.


Argos initially wouldn't do anything unless Samsung stated that it was a manufacturing fault, as we all know they won't admit to. 


Having got nowhere over several months with Samsung customer service, except 2 failed "repairs" by engineers and the case being closed each time without the problem ever being fixed, I decided to reach out to the Ceo office.


I contacted the Ceo office on ******* and explained the problems I was having. They initially offered a replacement TV of similar spec but the value was much less than I had paid argos for my faulty TV so I refused this. I told them that argos would refund me in full if they would send us a report which stated there is a manufacturing fault with the unit. Samsung said they would do that but when the report arrived it did not contain the phrase which argos had stipulated they needed. I instead asked Samsung to liaise directly with argos and a few days later my full refund was being processed.


For anyone still struggling with a retailer not refunding you I suggest you contact Samsung on the above email and ask for their assistance in closing this out with the retailer. 


Good luck


Edit: I can't put the email in here but if you Google email Samsung ceo it is the address which contains UK president. 


After the engineer still not rectifying the Service Mode message that pops up every time we turn on the tv, the original problem is now back.






Time to waste a few more hours contacting  Richer Sounds  and Samsung and Martin Dawes  again!!


Another engineer visit, another Insufficient Storage message..


Samsung's Customer Solution Dept stance on 0330 726 1010, is they can not replace the tv, I have to go back to Richer sounds as it is a software issue and software is not warranteed! The chap I spoke to said he would not be happy with it but there was nothing more he could do!


Martin Dawes the repair company say there is nothing wrong with it apart from lack of storage and in order to install Apps , they recommend deleting other Apps!


Samsung Support's recommendation is to buy an external memory stick to use in the meantime to put apps onto and they have no idea when the remedy will be available!!






Oh dear, it's so annoying to see these same excuses from Samsung get trotted out time after time. In a nutshell, there is no solution and Samsung have authorised the replacement of the TV (via retailers) numerous times. Don't be put off. I'd suggest giving up with Samsung themselves and just keep on at your retailer. 


I am just hoping that the fact that i have had dealings directly with Samsung and mentioned the fault to Richer Sounds about two months ago that they don't bring the 1 year warranty thing in, as I bought it on the 27th December 2018 and refuse to replace it!


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