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Apps storage space issue

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Send it back and get a tv that works


I was lucky enough to get a refund from Samsung when they asked to collect my TV to investigate the issue further. A colleague has the TV though so I've continued to update and monitor the forum with information I get from them in a bid to get the result from Samsung we're all after.


We bought the 55" NU7400 2 months ago and have now ran into this issue, however its worse. After working perfectly well for nearly two months we turned the TV on yesterday to find no apps would load, selecting an app would show the clicking-in animation to show you've clicked the app- but nothing would happen... no app would load. Additionally this also happend to any menu we wanted to load... whether that be the settings menu, wifi settings, guide or apps menu either from the remote or home bar.


Now I mention this here because when we tried to load the netflix app the TV started behaving very sluggish and we then got the message for the first time ever stating we were low on memory and needed to delete apps to free up space, bare in mind we only use BBC IPlayer and Netflix. Never have we seen this message appear before, so is it just coincidence that we got the message as this problems just started to happen?


Now we can't remove any apps because the TV won't load up the app section to remove them. We can't reset the tv because we can't get into any menu including using the remote. We phoned up support who gave us some secret remote combinations to reset the TV. However when pressing these combinations the TV went black obviously attempting to reset, but would then just return to wherever it was. All we can do is use the quick settings on the home bar, so we can atleast switch the source to sky but we're essentially locked out of being able to do anything else; no apps will load, we're out of storage space (after 2 months of use using only BBC Iplayer & netflix and lastly no settings menu will load or open up.


Samsung support told us they would need to send out an engineer, when I asked whether this issue was connected to the 'low storage' space message they were unsure and said "we will need to investigate".


After reading all these comments my gut feeling is telling me that our issue is connected to the memory problem that these 7000's have, so I'm probably just going to get it sent back for a refund and get a different TV from a different manufacturer.  Such a shame... first samsung TV ever and pooooof.... gone in 2 months.


Wow, you're the first on here to experience such drastic issues. It sounds like a natural result of the operating system running out of space. As you've only ever used two of the built-in apps you'll find that even if the TV was operating properly you'd be unable to delete any of the built in apps as that's how it's designed, which compounds the problem.


I'll be very interested in what the Samsung-appointed engineer has to say. I'd recommend exchanging the TV for another model or brand in any case. It's beyond doubt that the 2018 7 series has  a common flaw, so why put up with it.


If you like the TV and the Samsung OS, you could get the NU8000 if any are still available, or the 2019 RU7400.

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I wish I'd found this thread before buying this TV, however I am otherwise very happy with it and got a good deal I think. 

This is stupid though, so am now weighing up options.

Ive deleted the emanual, installed what I want and have 20% free storage.  I guess I am wondering what the worst case scenario is? Without auto update on, presumably I can choose to only update the couple of apps I use? And if it fills up, presumably I can still run external devices through hdmi? Not many have suggested that the whole TV dies. 

I appreciate this isn't a situation anyone should be dealing with for a new TV, it's ludicrous, but I'm feeling I might see what happens for a few weeks. 


Can I ask how you deleted the emanual as I am unable to do this with my TV ? 

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Someone posted something about developer mode so I gave it a go. 

I went to apps, then keyed in 12345 on the remote which pops up a developer mode window. Turn dev mode on and pressed OK (left the other bits blank).

Go to app settings, highlight emanual, then at the bottom there's a "deep link" or something (not near TV currently to check) Opened that, didn't enter anything but clicked OK. This ungreyed out delete so I deleted it.

It also let me delete other apps, but of course they reappeared after 30 mins. I set auto update to off.

Oddly if I do I again, I don't get the option to delete them again. 

As you've managed to delete the manual and freed up so much space (200MB?) I think you'll be ok if you keep auto update off and manally update the small number of apps that you use. Yes, whatever happens you can always use external devices through hdmi.


The other issue is with firmware updates. The elephant in the room is that in the medium term there will no longer be sufficient space for updates. I updated my firmware in April, shortly before I got a refund for the TV, and that reduced the available storage by 30MB. If you anticipate 2 firmware updates per year you might find that after three years there's no more space for further updates.

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That's a good point about the firmware. 


I think I'm probably edging towards exchanging it, I don't like the uncertainty... although for various reasons this is quite inconvenient right now! Having bought it from a"fulfilled by Amazon" seller I'm hopeful this will make a return relatively easy... 


I think you'll be okay exchanging it via Amazon, even it's not a Prime purchase.


A person on this thread bought a TV with the issue from Crampton & Moore, who didn't want to know and were very unhelpful. However, he bought it online on Amazon rather than directly from C&M and had no issues at all in getting Amazon to refund the purchase. 

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