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Apps storage space issue


@Steve_Roebuck wrote:

I have now had to supply "photos" of the error occurring,  so they can be seen by a "higher level tech team".


I now have to wait up to 72 hours for a reply......I think its time to bring some Social Media into play, they dont like bad press.


How infuriating. They're acting like robots. This issue has been going on for months and numerous people have reported it to them and gone through the tedious process of dealing with them. They're fully aware of the issue so there's no need to refer it anywhere. 


Regarding social media, good idea. Twitter would be a good place to start.


Yup I have started the assault, I might go back to the live chat and make your point, that this is a well-documented issue and not just common to me and it now needs resolving.



I am on twitter, chris_newton1


I am more than happy to help with the social media aspect.  Please add me and i will happily join in with this.


Also what do we think about contacting watchdog?

Maybe Watchdog and Martin Lewis.
How should we start the twitter campaign ?
I tweeted to SamsungUK and SamsungUKHelp asking for a response to the issue we are all facing, no reply, also done so via Facebook

what is you're twitter handle?

@steveroebuck75 I have also moaned again via live chat and I am expecting a phone call back from a "manager" to discuss the issue.

There line seems to be "Engineers are working on the issue" but if after 4 months the engineers are drawing a blank that would intimate to me that there is no fix and they are hoping all our warranties expire before they actually have to do something about it.

retweeted your message

I've added a hopeful tweet to Martin Lewis and BBC Watchdog.
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