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Apps storage space issue

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I have not even added any apps to my TV and have similar issue of a pop up that says my Samsung TV has same memory issue.

If I power cycle  the TV then the error goes away for a bit 

My TV is the one with curved screen  UE49NU7300K


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@Grandapa_Arf wrote:


I think I'm better off buying another Apple TV box and plug that into the tv, then I'll be able to install all the apps I need without memory issues! 

That's a workaround that many will be adopting, but my concern when I had the TV was what about its firmware - will there come a time when that can't be updated either due to lack of space?


Sadly @Grandapa_Arf  this is what gives them the get out clause. I know it feels like the easiest option just to give in and buy an external device but it's not the answer (really)


I have some further development on my side, not fantastic news but better (as much as better can be). I was asked to completely reset my TV rather than just the smart hub itself as 'additional steps' to the update which should be performed. Rather noddy for someone like me, but I did it anyway ( I did also point out to the CEO team that in fact my model of TV doesn't have a standby key, but you would think they knew that...hey ho)


Complete a Reset

  1. Start with the TV switched on.
  2. Press & Hold the Standby Key on the TV for 5 seconds
  3. Immediately Press & Hold the Standby Key on the Remote Control.

If the above is completed correctly, then the TV will:

  1. Turn on & display the “Samsung Smart TV” Logo
  2. Display a blank screen (2 – 3 Seconds)
  3. Display the “Samsung Smart TV” Logo
  4. Display a blank screen (2 – 3 Seconds)

Please note that these steps will reset the television so any apps/recorded content or settings will be removed or reset to factory standards.


I'll be honest, I was a bit bemused at what I witnessed after the reset, really weird graphics, like half loaded, half deleted apps, storage went from 8%, to 6% to 0% in the space of minutes and back up again to about 6% when going in and out of the app menu, I kept receiving error messages also.




After all that loony tunes goings on, I now have about 5% free, however really annoyingly, I still keep getting 'insufficient storage' notifications. So next round of email tennis. Your serve Samsung!  (I am getting a bit worn out with all of this i must admit)


"Hi Kirsty,


Thanks for your mail.


Please note, there is no standby key on the TV for this model; I have however reset the TV directly from the inbuilt software menu assuming this achieves the same goal.


Whilst witnessing some strange graphics and fluctuations in available storage varying from 0% to 8% and back down again after the reset (and a number of hard restarts of the TV), it has provided a marginal amount of additional storage once settled, now at about ~5%/45MB, allowing the install of a limited number of additional applications, unfortunately I am however still receiving storage notifications about insufficient being available when launching the apps menu. Please see attached.


Where I stand now is that this almost places me back to the position I had at the very start of raising this problem, but with no guarantee that the limited storage which has been made available (I assume though some form of compression of the other applications) wont further diminish to 0% as it did previously, so I would like some form of guarantee/statement from Samsung that this won’t occur.


I’m also not exactly confident that this is a long term fix, especially given the size of some of the native applications that have historically been installed by Samsung directly. I could forgive this, if all apps where only a few KB, rather than MB, but sadly some of these such as Apple TV as a very recent example, are large in comparison (see below) and only one of such similar type could theoretically consume almost 50% of this available space.


In addition and Ideally, I would want the option to remove/delete such apps which I do not need/require rather than have these foisted on me by Samsung.  I would anticipate this to free up some quite significant space amounting to between a further 5%-10% of the total, however still not as much as I would consider when matching this against the equivalent 2019 model I own. For example:


Apple TV @ 18.22MB

Brit Box @ 2.95MB

XITE @ 10.62MB

UKTV Play @ 4.59MB

CHILI @ 5.59MB

All 4 @ 4.52MB

MY 5 @ 2.53MB

e-Manual @ 96MB


Thanks & Regards"



On the air update to 1292.1  ( not the magic bullet, since keeps being not available for this model, yet ).

After the restart :  615mb used , 195.5mb free (manual not present)


@Vengeance72 wrote:

After all that loony tunes goings on, I now have about 5% free, however really annoyingly, I still keep getting 'insufficient storage' notifications. So next round of email tennis. Your serve Samsung!  (I am getting a bit worn out with all of this i must admit)



When they fitted a new Mobo, i had that 5% as default after resetting it. the new firmware hasn't improved on that yet. Have you had a new Mobo yet? has anyone installed the new FW update on the new MOBO?

I still havent updated my TV yet (usb stick with the FW update has been in my pocket for the last 2 days... I keep forgetting to install it when I arrive home! DOH!) . Once upgraded, I'll also try with a smart hub reset and a full TV factory reset to see if any increases filespace after a standalone update.  


So, I am new to this problem.  My HBO app will not load and is giving a message that the app must be updated.  The app fails to update.  It appears the TV is out of memory.  Is there any hope?  Who do I contact to make some noise and get attention?


Samsung and your retailer


Fingers crossed you may get a replacement(like me) , however, like a lot of unlucky folk on this post, I am afraid, you may not


To sum it up, this post is full of folk who agree on one thing:


Samsung have made a ***** television and they do not want to the right thing by replacing it with a model that is 'fit for puropse"!


You might  be able to have your mother board /pcb replaced but that is just a fob off by Samsung, it won't work


You might be told that 'our engineers are aware of this and are working on a solution for this anomaly( they will not admit it is a fault) , and will vcome out with a software update soon- do not believe them as that it is a lie!


Good luck !!

I know its a pile of bull,
My new (super-ceded) 🙄😂 mobo is being fitted this saturday.
I know it wont alter a thing With my tv but i am already poised and ready to go with my next set of ammo.


Thats it, be positive like I was and just keep pestering Samsung and the retailer


Just out of curiosity, what is the model, how long have you owned the tv and who is the retailer?


Its a un65nu7500 ive owned it for approximately 12 months , and i had it from curries,

but it was replaced once directly by samsung due to a screen fault from new.

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