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Apps storage space issue

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Tell them it is not fit for purpose, under the 2015 Europe consumer regs. 

"Has anyone been able to return to retailer after 30 days both Samsung and Crampon &Moore are telling me it's only possible within 30 days"


Yes, all of us on this thread who successfully completed a return or refund did it well after 30 days. You are being lied to.


@Banjoman wrote:

Yes I agree - I've returned my NU7400 to Amazon and bought the RU7400 instead. Can confirm it's got 3GB free memory.

It's not perfect though - it seems subtly less responsive and it will not connect to my 5GHz wifi which the NU7400 definitely did (maybe these 2 points are connected) - certainly the downgrade in internet speed affects visual performance.


If any of the other people who upgraded read this, can you use a 5GHz wifi connection if you've tried? Am wondering if it's just a weak signal, or whether this model is missing the ability to connect. Samsung tell me it has the capability, but I'm slightly low on trust for their customer services after reading this thread!

@BanjomanI can't see my 5ghz network on the RU and I have a solid 5Ghz network around my house.  Personally doesn't affect me as I'm wired.  I like the tv overall apart from the fact I don't think the sound is as good as the NU7400.


Does anyone know what's new in the firmware?

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Four more weeks then out...
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Same here with Curry's. Been trying to get a replacement for the past two weeks with no success. I have bought lots of devices from them but no more. This is the only time I tried to replace something I bought from them and they just told me there is nothing they can do.

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Thanks for taking the time. Seems a bit stupid to me tbh and means the wireless runs much slower. Like you I have wired it up instead though.
Not a deal breaker like the memory issue was though, just weird in 2019 not to have 5GHz WiFi.
Looks like I'm not the only one dealing with Currys, I'm not particularly hopeful of getting a replacement. Right now my TV is not showing any update errors at all so it could easily be argued there is (currently) no problem with it as it's operating as it should. I'm waiting for the error to reappear before giving it another crack with them.
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Good luck. I spent hours on the phone and in store trying to convince them to take back the tv but with no succes. Seems like the only way is to take them to the small claims court.

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That is typical of Currys who will very rarly ever admit there is a fault.

You could use Section 75 of the credit regs if you paid any part above £100 on a credit card. Just ring the credit card company and as to start a section 75 claim. Its all free. If on fiance you have even more protection so ring them and explain things. If on a debit card, and you reprt within 6 months some do whats call a charge back.

Those who paid by cash, then its court.

Thats why it is so inportant to pay at least the deposit on credit card.


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