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Apps storage space issue



Hmmm I'm sorry about that. Like I said it stopped working for me so I have no idea why it did the first time.

I've just tried again - oddly it's working again now for me (I notice I'm signed into my Samsung account now, not sure if that makes a difference) and I can delete hayu, apple etc again - not that there is any point. Does it definitely show "apps (develop mode)" at the top when you go through it?

Otherwise I don't know what to suggest, unless power cycling and trying it again might help (the only other thing I've effectively done since the first time...)

No need to apologise, its not a problem, i only have plex installed, so updates work for me, even though i only have 16MB free atm.


Yea it was in dev mode, mine is a nu7400. I cant delete apple or hayu either. Yea did the power cycle a couple of times.

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Hello All,


Many thanks for all the discussion. On my NU7400 series all of 800 MB space is consumed I can neither install new apps and nor update. 


This is really stupid of Samsung to compromise on storage when they can sell this space to content providers with locked in Apps.


I purchased the TV this Jan through Amazon. Is there a resolution or should you recommend a replacement.



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Think replacement


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Following that method I was also able to enter Developer Mode and delete apps that were previously greyed out 


Developer Mode pic 1 (click to open)


Developer Mode pic 2 (click to open)

Four more weeks then out...

My TV has now been replaced.

My solicitor asked how I paid and as I used the 12 months interest-free credit option through C&M's preferred lender, Hitachi Finance, I was able to raise a complaint with them and they then discussed with the retailer and quite quickly I was offered what I had asked for all along, the 2019 model (with the 4GB storage) and to pay the difference of £150.

So the moral of my story is be persistent, in the end C&M did what I asked and replaced the TV as they could not get the old one to function correctly.

What has changed in the 2019 TV's Settings is the addition of the, 'TV Device Manager' where you select the App List and can clear the caches of all individual Apps such as Netflix to optimise space.

There is 4GB internal storage and 1.56GB is used by Tizen and the standard suite of apps so Samsung have now solved the problem.

Good luck to everyone else with their battles.



hi , i've heard someone was able to free up a lot of space by deleting the space occupied by the demo store mode.

any ideas?


I don't think that option has been discussed on this thread but it sounds interesting if it's possible.


@adw_uk I'm pleased you finally got a resolution, and thanks for the info on the RU7400. It's a pity that Samsung haven't fixed the issue on the NU range, but that doesn't look remotely likely.


From this and other forums it appears that most of us are getting replacements or refunds after overcoming retailer resistance, so as you say, be persistent. I'm disappointed to hear on the AV Forum that John Lewis are being very unhelpful at the moment. Hopefully they'll relent like they did with me. I wouldn't buy electronic goods from them again though as their customer service has proved to be rubbish.


yes, probably only samsung assistance is able to do it. Removing e-manual in developer mode and freeing up the demo store mode would be something like 250Mb. If a firmware update would let us choose where to install new apps (i.e. on a usb external memory) i guess the problem would be fixed even for all that cannot be refunded anymore.

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