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Apps storage space issue


@chrisnewton wrote:

i agree, i will definatly be getting my next tv from them, i am just going to have a look and see what i fancy.  I do not think they will offer me a replacement, and thats fair enough.

Which TVs are you considering?


@mdazza wrote:

I've replied with:


I understand why a given figure may not be exact but the difference between 1GB and 15MB is not a question of precision. I would appreciate if you could acquire accurate figures for the space requirements of the preinstalled OS and apps. I would be very much surprised if the OS and pre-installed apps together amount to much more than 1GB, nevermind the 3.8GB you're asking me to accept is the case.


The NU8000 TV has effectively the same amount of 'used' storage out-of-the-box as the NU7 series - roughly 800MB. However, it has over 2GB unused and available to the end user. Are you able to confirm the total storage advertised for the NU8000?


I never confirmed I am not experiencing any specific problem. In my first email to you and the one previous to this, I described my issue: my TV is unable to update preinstalled apps - prior to installing any others - due to insufficient internal storage space. This is a symptom of the root problem and that root is what I am discussing with you.

Again, this has been observed and confirmed as a known fault by several levels of Samsung's support team. This would not be the case if the TV was working to Samsung specification.


It is not plausible the TV has 4GB of storage and only 150MB is available to me. The TV shows only 1GB total storage.
It is unacceptable I should be prompted to free up internal storage to update preinstalled apps when I haven't installed anything else and preinstalled apps cannot be deleted - the only temporary workaround being to reset Smart Hub each time the message reappears.


I must repeat my request for a suitable replacement as I have yet to receive a satisfactory response evidencing your clarified position or addressing this fault.

Thank you for your persistence. This ***** guy is an absolute moron. You've already told him repeatedly what the problem is. Also, why does he keep stating "4GB as advertised"? I'm not aware of any adverts saying that the TV has 4GB of storage. This is generally not advertised as we assume that for the TV to be fit for purpose it has adequate storage for its functionality. 


If 4GB is advertised then they've shot themselves in the foot because we all know that only around 150MB is available to the user and there's no way the OS and built-in apps take up nearly 4GB, as you told him. Grrrrr.

I must confess, my persistence is largely due to the fact I see no suitable alternatives from other brands at this price point. Sub-£600, 55", VA panel, sub-20ms input lag...

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. I know Richer Sounds will happily facilitate an exchange if there's something else that fits my 'needs'.

The LG is a decent gaming screen Linus likes it alot.. - £679 depending on what you paid for the 7400 I am sure RS will do you some deal to bring the difference down.


Just noticed there is a £50 off voucher code on the RS site bringing that down to 629 which is a great deal especially if RS "enhance it" further.

i am thinking of the Hisense 66u7a...seems decent for the price and is 120hz

well RS came through today, got my refund! thank god thats over with..i really hope you all get it sorted

Bye Chris lol

It's like another of our comrades being repatriated home from the war zone after completing his tour of duty.


Hopefully soon we'll all be there, enjoying our new *NON SAMSUNG* TVs with more than adequate storage!


John Lewis's technicians are due to report back to me next week after doing battle with Samsung, so I expect (hope) to have a refund or replacement authorised then. 


I've been watching this post grow for a while now - I first came across it at the start of the year when deciding what TV to get, and was pleased when I got the UE50NU7400 and didn't suffer from the issue.


However, a few weeks ago I got the same, unwanted, message!  


I contacted Samsung on live chat and got the spiel about using a USB, a firmware update and a change of motherboard. I was due to have an engineer visit to replace the motherboard, but wasn't keen on wasting a day's holiday to stay at home and wait for an engineer if it wasn't going to fix things.


The engineer was already aware of the issue, but hadn't been told anything about newer motherboards with more storage, so didn't think it would fix it. He said he's feedback to his contact at Samsung Technical UK to see what he knew. He sent some screen shots I'd taken, but Samsung Technical weren't able to recreate the error, so he said they'd like my TV back and would offer a replacement.


A week or so later and I had an email saying there were no more of the same model available, but could chose from the UE50NU7470 or the UE55NU7400, or a refund if desired. Whilst I was grateful for the offer of a larger screen, I said that if the issue was affecting all 2018 7 Series, then a refund would be preferred, and I could chose a different TV at my convenience. This was all set up last week, but I am still waiting for the courier to arrange collection - apparently it can take 10-14 days - and I won't get the refund until it's collected. The TV wasn't purchased directly from Samsung - but I just had to send them a picture of my receipt.


I've included a detailed letter with my experiences in the TV box, but also referred to this forum and the issues we've all been experiencing in the hope that Samsung Technical UK can provide a resolution and to make sure the online support know exactly what's going on so we don't get fed with more false information.


Thanks very much for this information. It's very revealing that Samsung themselves have offered you a replacement or refund in the last week. I note that they're still not accepting direct liability as they 'can't reproduce the error', which I don't believe for one moment, but this is definitely progress.


The technical department clearly isn't talking to the drone who's pretending to work for the CEO (Mr Archer above) who's denying everything and refusing to offer a replacement, at the same time as you were actually offered a replacement!!


What a shambles of a company.

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