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Anyone with Q9FN tv and nvidia shield box?


If anyone here has the q9fn tv and a nvidia shield box


Can you open up the 'setting page' on the shield box so they display on the right hand side of your tv screen and tell me or post pics here of how it looks?


Mines got a problem, you can see theres like big patches of white light bleed lookin areas everywhere and when you scroll up and down through the shield settings the tv display looks like its faulty


Ive only seen an lcd panel display this way before if its on and your cleaing it and you push too hard on the screen


Cheeky  f**kers at samsung technical are tryin to tell me  'its within spec'


Every other tv ive had my shield box connected to doesnt do what this is doing


If anyone call tell me how upload a video on here i will upload one showing me scrolling up and down and whats goin on with this ***** tv









Black Belt 

I had the Q9F and the HDR picture was so dim, and the blooming was awful. Sent pictures to Samsung and they said it was within spec. It was not nice to watch, but they eventually agreed and I got a refund. Dont be fobbed of.

I bought a LG C8, and what arelevation. Everything worked.

Hows the motion on ur c8

I took my hdd in currys while back with some uncompressed 4k hdr movies on, plugged in an lg e8 and motion was horrendous

Not even on fast scenes, just people on screen speaking and if they turned their head it jumped / juddered...
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