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Anynet HDMI-CEC for Samsung UN65KS8500 not working with Bose Sound Bar Products

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Dear Samsung,



I have an Bose SB700 sound bar and 700 sub woofer and a Samsung UN65KS8500 tv and just learned from Bose that you refuse to fix the firmware that will allow the two systems to handshake and stay connected because you want people to only buy Samsung products.  As it stands right now I have to unplug and replug they systems to get them to work, but you never know when they will stop working because your Anynet HDMI-CEC is not totally compatible with other systems.  You make a great tv, but not sound bar system.  I should not be penalized because some of your products are inferior.  If you don't fix this firmware issue, I will no longer purchase any Samsung products, including a planned new Samsung TV.  Also, from reading these boards, as well as Bose boards you are purposely sticking it to your customers. 


Thank you.



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I'm with him.  Technology is too expensive to have to be brand loyal for all your peripherals... especially if you can't compete in the arena.  I have the same issue with a brand new Samsung TV and brand new Onkyo receiver.  ARC and CEC are standards, how about you just comply with them...


I have a house full of gadgets with the Samsung name on it... that TV will be the last one I buy.


My case:
I have Samsung UE65MU7002, Samsung bd h6500, Onkyo TX-RZ830, nvidia shield TV, PS3, VU+ solo 4K.
Everything connected to Onkyo with HDMI 2.1 cables - used as a central unit for home cinema 5.1.4 (optical connection is not for me)
Anynet is getting off randomly every 2-3 days. I call Samsung support for 3 times - they sent to me service guy. He tryed many "experiments", but without succes.
I know that man personally, and he told me off the record, how Samsung solves problems - if they can't easily solve it, they will accept the incompatibilityas a cause and turn it off in the firmware without the customer's knowledge (even Samsung devices - TV and soundbar).
For the year and half what I have this TV, no new firmware with the solution. How I read this topic a lot of us have the same problem with different types TV.
SAMSUNG's official response (thru e-mail) was - device incompatibility.
For me this was my last SAMSUNG device in my life.
They give promises in the catalog and problems in real use.

Home appliances:
3pcs AR9..., UE65MU7002, BD-H6500, UE46F6510, Galaxy A50.....
(Onkyo TX-RZ830, TX-NR-709 and 701, NVIDIA Shield, VU+ SOLO 4K, PS3...)
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I agree because i have the same problem as well. 

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Hi guys, many have reported the same behaviour with these TVs when relying on HDMI-CEC and ARC. Everything works okay for a day or two then suddenly no more sound via ARC and no more universal remote functionality via CEC. Prior to my workaround detailed below, I found turning Any net / HDMI-CEC off and on again in the settings would bring CEC and ARC back to life but your mileage may vary.


The root cause appears to be some sort of intermittent lock-up state in the CEC stack which becomes increasingly likely to trigger the longer the TV is powered (cycling between sleep/standby and on/active). As an ex-firmware engineer, I know these are the most challenging issues sorts of issues to reproduce and fix but it's certainly not impossible. It's disappointing that Samsung has not made resolving the issue a priority since, of course people are going to be mixing and matching external devices from different manufacturers! 


For me, I've managed to keep the issue under control by inserting an AC plug timer inline with the TV's power plug. The timer automatically powers my TV off for around an hour every night so each morning it's a cold start. I haven't had a single CEC/ARC failure since so would recommend trying this work-around if you're particularly affected by the issue and aren't in a position to buy a new TV.


One observation I've made is that ARC can take 10-20 seconds to kick in after a cold start, so be sure to wait at least that long.

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