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Any better App than the Gallery?


The Gallery app is extremely limited. No options, no settings. Can't even loop a video.

Is there any other option? Any other app that you can download to play your own videos from the Gallery or a USB flash pen drive or key etc? 

How does one play your own videos on your Smart TV?

Same issue on Either model UE65RU7100 or  UE65RU7100. 

TessM Moderator

Hey @Bucks65 ,


what phone are you connecting to these TVs? Have you tried to mirror the phone screen? 


Hi, Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.
I am not trying to connect a phone or cast or mirror a screen.
In fact, I do NOT want to use a phone at all, except to upload if needs be. I want this video to run independently of any phone.
I have an .mp4 video, which I uploaded via the Gallery App and I want to run this on the TV in loop mode. Older/differnt models of Samsung seem to have this loop option, but not this one.
I am willing to upload this Video in a differnt format isf needs be. Or even in indivdual static images, as this was originally an MS Powerpoint presentation/show.  I will want to be able to use standard vdeos at some point but will to try anything to get this working in the first instance.
I am willing to upload it by different means, if someone can suggest one.
To begin with, as a test, if I used a USB memory key or flash drive instead of uploading via the Gallery, would that help?


TessM Moderator

Sorry for the misunderstanding there. You should be able to play your videos in a loop from a USB. To do this you will need to plug the USB memory> Videos> Select the video that you'd like to play> Settings> Repeat> ON. 


No problem at all. Thanks for that. I will try the USB and get back to you.

So, for the longer term and original request, I want to be able to do this remotely, or at least upload the file remotely. So this is why I went with the Gallery App as you can upload to the Gallery and find it there when you access the TV.
Is there an alternative to the Gallery App?


(Ideally, I am looking for the TV to startup in the morning playing this video, but I assume this is outside the fuction of the TV. )

So, what are my options for accessing media from elsewhere to play on the TV?
For example a media server. Or a 3rd party App that will allow this? (free or paid)

Thanks for your swift reply. I appreciate it. 

Anyone? Have I posted in the incorrect forum?
Any advice as where to go to chase options would be appreciated.Thanks.

TessM - just getting back to you on the above. The USB works great, thanks.
I just used the Source button to select my USB key, clicked on the .mp4 video to run it. Loop was an option on the player to the far right of the screen, visible when you clicked the pause/play button on the remote. 
This is a good start but unfortunately still not ideally what I want, as I stated in my earlier post. 
I wonder if I could remotely access the TV using the Smart Devices app or similar and move videos onto the USB Flash Drive from the Gallery or other source?

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