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Annoying side screen bubble when channel number is displayed

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Hi @Bisley26  as  @AntS  has said the TV  Technical support would be happy to assist if you wish their input and Remote Assistance would help them pinpoint the issues.   AV is simply the Acronym for Audio/Video . Of course  if you are intending to replace your TV soon you may not find it that worthwhile, however your choice.


A link here to the 2019 Samsung  models 


Hi Guys, sorry for the delay in replying.

AntS - looking at 49"  or 55" Q70R. Both at same price curiously enough. Waiting to see what Black Friday brings!!


JAMES4578 - Would Tech Support still help even though out of guarantee?

More worrying probs with the set, though. One month after backlight strip replaced and now suffering a blurry strobe-like effect the size of an orange 2 thirds of way along bottom of screen. Could be one of the LEDs on another strip about to expire? Can last quite a few seconds and can happen just after switch-on, after a few hours and any time between!

Had it back to the guy who did repair, he says can't see anything - obviously doesn't have time to sit and wait 'til it occurs! 


May have to forget about having this as the second set in the dining room and stick with the old steam-driven Sony Bravia LCD we have at the moment! 

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Nice choice @Bisley26 ! It's too early to say but we are confident that you will find a deal for any of this at our Online Shop or any other retailers.


Did you contact our AV Team?

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