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An American werewolf in London new blu ray


I have the Samsung UBD-M9500 4k blu ray player which has been fine since buying it maybe 2 years ago. On Monday I got the new blu ray remastered in 4k an American werewolf in London disc but all I can get is error message saying 'cannot play this disc, the disc does not meet the specification'?

I tried it on a standard Sony blu ray player and it works fine. I even bought another copy from Amazon just to confirm it's not the disc. 

I spent an hour doing online chat last night but got nowhere, only to be told an engineer needs to investigate but no idea when I'd hear back? 

There seems to be a number of similar posts online with this machine and this film not playing. 

I have reset the entire machine to factory settings, turned off bd live, turned it back on and disconnected it from the mains but nothing works.

Please somebody tell me the fix to this frustrating problem. 


Me too! Says the disc doesn't meet specifications. The firmware is updated. 

CarlH Moderator

Hi @BigDave1 and @BigDave1.  Just checking that you're both running firmaware update 1111.4? It can be found here if not. 


Yep- first thing I did was check the firmware.  It says there are no updates. 


And apparently I have a different model than the original poster. I have a UBD-M7500. Software version B-KANTAVWWC-1111.4


Yes, checked that 1st of all. 

Can't believe a basic blu ray won't work on a £400 machine. 

AndrewL Moderator
@BigDave1: Could it be a regional issue - does the disc have a region code of A, B or C? Similarly, is it a 'Blu-Ray Disc', 'BD-Live' or 'Ultra HD Blu Ray Format'?

It's region B and it's a blu ray disc HD1080p


Aha! I've just realized I appear to be in the European forums.  Same problem though.  I'm in the US, and my copy says Region A.  


Another online chat and zero help! 

Same as on here, no help at all. 

I'm beginning to see why Samsung has the reputation it has for this kind of thing. My brand loyalty seems to be misplaced here (galaxy s2,3,6,7+,9+,10+, 2x tablets, 3 TVs,2 blu ray players) as nobody will accept there is a firmware issue unsolved here! 

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