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Ambient mode Theme

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Hi im from indonesia and just bought samsung 65” q7FN 2018 

anyone know how to add theme for ambient mode?

because i just have mountain,gravity,water,basic,board,,mono,duo,

i saw on review they still have many more like weather,bird clock,architectural extension,and kinetic decor

does anyone know? Thx


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Hi @Xod.


Instructions for using Ambient mode on your TV can be found on pages 10 to 12 of the user manual here.


Let us know if you have any problems.

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I looked all the way through the manual and did not find the other items I requested.

DannyT Moderator
Check out this guide for more help with Ambient Mode:


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From the Guide:


"Ambient mode: 


The Ambient mode browser screen displays content at the top and categories at the bottom. Use the left or right directional buttons in the content list at the top to move the focus to content you want, and then press the Select button. The selected content is played in Ambient mode

In the future, more content that you can set up in the Ambient mode browser will be provided.
You can select the following categories and content:

: Provides beautiful screens.

: Provides information such as weather, news headlines, and more.
This function may not be supported depending on the geographical area.

: Allows you to set a picture stored in your mobile device as the wallpaper of the Ambient mode screen. You can configure special layouts with your photos.

To save photos from your mobile device to the TV and import them in Ambient mode, use the SmartThings app on your mobile device.


Setting up the Ambient mode details:

In the Ambient mode browser screen, move the focus to , and then press the elect button. You can change the following settings:

: Adjust the screen brightness for Ambient mode

Colour Tone
: Adjust the colours of the screen for Ambient mode

Auto Brightness
: Change the auto brightness setting for Ambient mode

When this function is set to Off , the brightness level of the TV screen is not automatically adjusted according to the ambient light level.

Ambient Off Timer
: Set the time that the Ambient mode screen turns off automatically.

If there is no remote control input for the set time, the screen goes off. To turn the screen back on in Ambient mode,

press the button on the remote control.


Changing the background colour of Ambient mode:
To change the background colour of Ambient mode,, move the focus to in the Ambient mode browser screen, and then press the Select button. You can change the background colour or pattern. Move the focus to a colour or pattern you want, and then press Select


Take a picture of a wall using the SmartThings app on your mobile device to set it as the background of Ambient mode
This function may have a delay in image transmission and optimisation depending on the network conditions".



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Ok, but, i look for dezeen themes, like a bird clock, architectural extension, and kinetic decor....

Have this themes?
Need updates for that?
I know how to do all this, but Samsung still doesn’t allow us to use our own photo in Decor mode (in other words, no frame.) The mono and duo modes have frames, and I need my photo to go out to the edge, as it fills in the mural on my wall. Can you please see if there will be the ability to do this?
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Yes, please Samsung let us disable the passepartout/frame in ambient mode on our own photos. Samsung Tv Q85R


Either disable frames in mono mode or be able to add own photo in deco mode

Yes, please
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Did anyone ever figure out if there's a way to put that "Bird Clock" on in ambient mode?

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