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Amazon Fire stick no longer recognised for smart remote

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When I first bought my TV (UE43MU6175) all the HDMI sources set up perfectly including my Amazon Fire Stick, which was scanned and recognised as such by the TV, worked with the universal remote and had a proper fire stick icon for the source. 


I have had to take it out of the port once or twice when changing devices around, and although it used to recognise the fire stick, now it never does, so the universal remote never works and it just has the generic HDMI icon. I can’t set it up manually with the remote as Amazon is not listed as a manufacturer. 


I’ve tried restarting, plugging it in and out if the HDMI port numerous times, as well as toggling Anynet / CEC on both the tv and fire stick, but it never seems to work any more. 


Any ideas would be very welcome, thanks!


 I’m having the same issue if you can please help 

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I have just ran into this issue today with my 65 inch 8 series. Used to recognise the fire stick and the universal remote functioned but now it won't at all despite all my efforts. This "new" tv is causing me so much agro with volume issues I'm half tempted just to return it and go with another brand. Shocking customer service from Samsung after requests for help I've recieved nothing. Can anyone help?

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What worked for me was to EDIT the HDMI source icon and rename it Fire TV Stick.  Save your change and then unplug the Fire TV Stick and plug it back in.   On my TV I had to use the second option which is to use FireTV Stick (deleted a space) and the Captilization DOES matter.


I had this with my fire TV box , had to factory reset the TV , then it will scan and find the devices again 

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Under settings on the fire stick, you go to displays and sounds. There is an option called HDMI CEC or something like that. Turn it off and restart the fire stick. Once back on, turn the option back on. Viola!

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Got mine to work by moving the Firetv stick to another HDMI port. 

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