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AirPlay 2 problem

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It’s soo annoying as my friend has the same TV and it works on his tv but not mine 


We don’t know why it always works for some people and never work for us. Samsung and Apple have no answers yet. Apple asked me to test with my iPhone on a friend’s but  I already  know it will work. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work on my q6f 2018, but it doesn’t...🙏

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I rang Apple and they said the issue is on Samsung Samsung have said to me we will call you once we have a solution which I doubt will be anytime soon

It’s exactly the same for me. Let’s wait and try to find something...

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At first, I thought it was a problem of setting up my network, but I think it is probably a problem on TV because of the same symptoms of many people. But when I look at the reviews of people who work well even though they're the same model, I think again if it's a problem with my network. Confused.
Whenever I watch TV every morning, I try to mirror and iPhone after network reset. Of course not.
Answers to questions sent to Samsung on Friday (see my previous comments) have yet to come. The previous question had been answered in one day.

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I have the same annoying problem, unable to connect :(

I think a lot of people will have a problem. Lots of people don't know about airplay 2. I hope samsung will solve it!!

If You connect your TV with a cable to the router, instead of wireless, occurs than the same problem?


Those who have this problem have tested WiFi, ethernet, other network...

nothing solve the problem... it seems that all depends on Samsung... if they care about us


And I’ve just called Samsung again who made me reset smarthub for nothing. And will call me back one day... or not

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