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AirPlay 2 problem

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Just receive my UE43N. Put the new update on, and still have the same Airplay problem. With Macbook pro & iPhone. (I haven't try with my iPad yet, but i think it will be the same.) I'm gonna call Samsung and Apple.


Hello guys

last update 1270.6 finally solved my AirPlay problems on my q6f 2018. 😎

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I've got Samsung 2019 UE55RU7300k. I've got 2 iPhones and 1 Mac that connects. But a 2018 newer mac isn't able to connect at all. 


I get the PIN and when I try to connect, the TV screen goes black. I've tried using passcode, using everytime, resetting the paired devices and updating the tv to the latets firmware tv. My mac is updated too, but I can't figure out why only one mac cannot connect. 


They are both on the same network and bluetooh is on too. 


Software update 1270.6 solved this problem for me too.


Finally TV firmware 1270 solved the issue on my side. 

1270 fixed the issue.
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thank you for this confirmation

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Yes!!! Finally working for me too with the recent update
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