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Ads on TV


Does anybody know how to turn off really annoying ads popping up on menu bar of tv. I didn't pay nearly £2500 to be bombarded with this rubbish. I have a QLED Q8. Any help would be gratefully received as this is driving me to distraction.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @PeterSams.


Are these appearing on the Smart Hub bar across the bottom of the TV? Are you able to send us a photo?

Correct...This replaces the app selection with an intrusive ad. If I knew I was going to receive intrusive adverts, I would of bought a Sony.
AndrewL Moderator
Have you tried adding some of your favourite apps to the Home Screen to see if this removes the adverts? Press the Home button > Apps > Settings (Cog symbol in the top right corner) > Select an App > Add to Home.
I have loads of apps added to the home bar, this ad keeps appearing where the apps button is. It started doing this when the last update uploaded. It's within a year, so I might take it back and swap it out for an LG or Sony.



We had these as well, I just think it is very bad form of the manufacturer to advertise on something we've paid for to be ours, and that was just another reason why our next TV will not be a Samsung.


Under privacy settings I turned off most things or disagreed to most things and they seemed to have stopped for now.







Quite agree...its absolutely disgusting that you pay this sort of money for Samsung to pedal their rubbish on your tv like a billboard. I've bought loads of their TVs and mobiles, but this is really put me off their products. Any new product I buy or recommend will definitely not be a Samsung on principle. I see other people are complaining also, thanks for adding malware / adware to your TVs Samsung.

So this keeps appearing periodically right of the apps button on the home bar at the bottom of the screen. I'm guessing it's all part of Samsungs strategy of hijacking your TV and pedalling their unwanted advertising rubbish. Is there a way to get a full refund on the TV? so I can buy one without this rubbish, as I didn't buy it with adverts, Samsung uploaded this rubbish afterwards with an update.


Did Samsung ever respond to this?

no... i just turned the network off completely... reduces the ability of the tv, but better than being bombarded with their *****.
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