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Ads on TV


Samsung never respond, they are utter rubbish.


All I can say is we stopped getting these adds by going into the settings menu finding stuff about terms and privacy and disagreeing with everything.  They sometimes come back again with a firmware update, which I suspect most of the time rather than fixing anything with new firmware, the new firmware is just about adding more adverts!


Samsung have lost at three sales of TVs because I've told friends/family to stay well clear, and my wife was going to buy a Samsung phone, and I said no way are we having anymore of their products, so she didn't.






Agreed. The response I got from them on Twitter was a case of "tough *****" but in a more polite way. 


It's like they don't give a ***** tbh. And what a ***** way to develop the onboard software in such a way they can display whatever they want on the Home bar and you've got no choice against this. Surely legally this can't be correct 🤔



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You can't turn it off without some firmware code editing

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I found the solution:


Settings > support > terms & policy >interest based advertisements 


Uncheck the box that says enable to blah blah blah. 


No more ads. 

Does that just mean we'll still get ads...just less relevant ones 🤷🏿‍♂️
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@MrShak1982 wrote:
Does that just mean we'll still get ads...just less relevant ones 🤷🏿‍♂️

The Internet Based services are designed  to provide interactive and internet based services which are relevant to your interests, you can opt out of that but seems you will get some advertisements.


"Please note that your privacy choice with respect to the IBA Service will not affect whether or not you receive or are served with other types of ads and marketing that are not specifically based on TV viewing history or Samsung Smart TV usage information. Those other types of ads and marketing will be based on other information such as generalized location and other estimated or inferred information. They might be less relevant because they are not based on your interests.



So basically no matter what we do, we get shafted by Samsung on these expensive smart TVs we've paid for and will always get ads...which isn't brought up/mentioned/explained at point of sale 🤔


Not directed at you obviously, but this is ridiculous. If I would have known I would have brought a different brand for sure.


I emailed the buyers rights organization here in Norway to ask them what they think of this, and if it is grounds for cancellation of purchase. 


Interesting!  I wonder if Samsung are aware of this?

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Thanks for this info guys, I was just about to buy a Samsung TV.............LG it is then!!

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