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65KS9500 new firmware 1240

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a new update has been released on the KS series, ver 1240, I can not find what's new, does any of the users have some information or experience? what is the picture, color, brightness, HDR, menu speed?

or anything has changed?

I will be grateful for comment


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By chance did you find out? I can't find anything

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Hi There,

My 65KS6470 just updated a few weeks ago to 1240, and the difference is, unfortunatley in the sources menu, my tv is not detecting any NAS or other media servers on my local network anymore, which is really upsetting. Every other device in my home (PCs,Tablet, and a PS4) can stream from the media server with no problem.
It does work however to cast content on to the tv itself, by Bubble UPNP on android, and the media player of the tv does the job. It's like if the tv on itself does not find the source at all, but with a 3rd party app you can "show" the right path to it.
I'm wondering if Samsung is aware of the problem, and are working on a fix, because right now for me, playing content from my local network only works with this work around, and I tell you it's not the best way..
I'm curious if other people are experiencing this issue, with 2016 QHD tvs as well.


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I have a ue65ks9000 and received an update reported as 1241.


I have lost hdmi cec, or even the ability to recognise my home theatre device through the software.


I haven't explored any other 'features' yet, only noticed the regression in connectivity.



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