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5m One Connect for Wall Mount UE55KS7000

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Hello All,


I am planning on wall mounting my UE55KS7000 which has the older grey one connect cable. I am however after a longer cable as the 2.1m is insufficient, and have come across a 5m one connect cable with part number BN39-02301A. Would this be compatible with my TV?


Thank you.




The reference BN39-02301A is not compatible with your TV, I seek the right reference and I come back to you.


Have a good day


Hello again, 



Here is the good reference: BN39-02248A. 5m


I hope my answer has been helpful

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Thank you for your response.


The product code for the cable you have suggested is only 1.9m long. Are there an longer one connect cables which are compatible with my TV. I need at least 3m.


Thank you.


Normally, with this reference you can find a cable of 5 meters, you just have to ask the dealer.

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Thank you for the response. No luck unfortunately. 


There must be others who have been in my situation when wanting to wall mount a TV with one connect? Is there a female to male adaptor available so I could use 2 cables? Seems like a majoy flaw if not...!


If no solution available then looks like I will be chanelling 4 HDMIs, a power cable and an ethernet cable into the wall!

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Have you found a solution? I am in identical situation as you.
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