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55ks9000 set up for xbox one gaming

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Hi I'm hoping some people will be able to help me out with this.

My new tv is confusing me as I don't have a clue what the best way to set up for xbox one s gaming would be.

Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.


Hey @AntNtar!


Plug your XBox One into a HDMI port on your 55KS9000 TV and turn Game Mode On. 

Also, turn ON the HDMI UHD Colour.


After this, all other settings will be on the console which we can't advise on.


We hope this helps you! :cathappy:


Ive been trying to do the same.


Originally my tv would switch to game mode automatically, when my XBOX was switched on, but for some reason its stopped doing it now. 


It also use to have an Xbox displayed in the HDMI 1 slot, but again, this just says unknown now.


Very frustrating. 


Ive also noticed i cant switch HDR + on if game mode os selected .


Not really sure why, or which would be better to use?!



I was also given this link by one of the moderators.

Hope it helps
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