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55" Curved 4K 3D 2014 Model (UE55HU8200TXXU) TV - Speed

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Hi everyone,


I need some help please beofre i go out and buy a new TV.


My current model see above is having problems and to be honest I think it always has.  We have Virgin Fibre coming into our home at 384mb, and that is the speed I am getting from my imac upstairs.  My home is all hard wired with cat6 cabling.


Downstairs at the main TV model above, I have checked the hardwire to it and when I go onto the web interface such as, and run ookla speed test, i get a max download speed of 19 and the upload is around the same.


So my question is even when I direct cable to the tv, i still get those really poor speeds, why is this so.


I hope someone can help.


P.S. Wireless makes no difference at all.


Thank you.

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