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55” Q70R Audio clipping and popping when using HDMI


Hi, my 2 month old Q70R has this issue that sometimes when playing either my Xbox one, PS4 or Switch the audio pops and crackles, it will go away if I power cycle but comes back randomly the next time I use a device.


Anyone else have this issue, I can't see any posts that are similar?



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Sircoynie 


Are you using different HDMI cables when this happens or the same cable? Is the sound from your standard TV channels OK?

New Member

Hi, I have an identical issue with my PS4, so far I've swapped my HDMI cable to golden plates and also tried different ports on the TV. Sometimes I fire it up, it will work fine but others it keeps making this crackle, pop noise as soon as the PlayStation load screen appears. Did you find a solution to this? 


A solution which works on my Q70:


When you notice popping sound on HDMI source try to reset TV without changing TV source: Just press and keep remote power key till Samsung Logo appears. It will last for few seconds, not more.


After restart, no more popping sound.


So, Samsung should implement a fast internal reset every time you switch to HDMI source and this problem will be solved. At least in my case.


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