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50" TV for watching HD channels?

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I'm considering buying a 50" TV. 

I only want it to watch terrestrial television programmes, so mainly HD, some SD. Won't be using any of the 4K features for movies, gaming, etc; so the less features the better. 


Was considering the basic UE50RU7100. Has it a good quality picture, contrast, brightness and blacks on HD channels? I sit in front of the TV so a wide viewing angle isn't important. Is it worth paying a little more for a another TV with better quality picture? Thanks. 




You should watch this video from Ratings.



This will give you a good overview.  And trust me you have to go see the TV in shop live. Compare it with other 4K models and pick the one you like. Reviews just give you hints on what to look for and what is a NO NO in your books.

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