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Hi all , looking for some help with hdcp 2.2 issue. 

My tv is the samsung QE75Q950RBT 

Bluray the Samsung  4k uhd kn 8500

Reciver is the sony str dn 1080 

,all of the above are hdcp 2.2 complaint

 When I try to watch a 4k bluray disc , a mgs appears on the tv that it will be played in hd , check for hdcp 2.2 issues .

I have bluray hdmi out to bd  in on reciver , the out on the reciver then goes to the arc input hdmi 3 on the one connect box , but if all 3 components are hdcp 2.2 , what am I having this issue , Thanks 


AndrewL Moderator
@Dan50: This is a strange one, and there is nothing in the user manual about HDCP 2.2, or any related issues. HDCP creates an encryption between the source and the display, therefore the issue may be the result of the Blu Ray Player being routed through the HiFi and One connect Box. With this in mind, can you try connecting the Blu Ray Player directly to the One Connect Box to see if this helps?
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Hi , I have connected the 4k player to the one connect box,  and not getting the issue , when I run it back through the amp   its telling me again it will play in hd , this is strange because amp is HDCP 2.2 compatible. In the end I decided to just run hdmi 1 from player to one connect  box , and hdmi out two on player for audio to amp , thinking this was the easy fix , but now I have my 4k picture but no audio,  amp just shows no stream  , I have changed hdmi 2 setting in player to audio out , but still amp now seen it , what else can I try.

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