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4K PC to Q7F

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I have a new 65"Q7F and am having a nightmare trying to hook up my pc.


I have the correct high spec/speed 4k cable (HDMI 2.0a, 18gbps, HDCP 2.2, 4k @60hz) and pairing it up with a GTX 1080ti card. I have made sure the Nvidia control panel is outputting HDMI on native 4k @60 hz but no matter what i do i get the no source error. Tried with extended, mirrored and single monitor settings without luck. I did get a 1080p setting displayed 1 time but when i have revereted to the resolution during my tests it hasnt displayed. 


Its deifinatley not an issue with my PC, all drivers are as expected and it outputs on my 55" sony without issue.


I have also set the HDMI ext to PC and HDR on source HDMI is turned on.


Am i missing something really simple here as its driving me insane, any advice greatly appreciated.


Have you set HDMI UHD Color "On" on your TV ?

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