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49QFN favourite TV channels deselected


Hi, there is a problem with the latest update for TV QE49Q6FNA: version 1260.

The TV favourites channel list is automatically deselected, and all list channel is automatically selected instead. This happens quite often and it is very iritating. 

Tried to make a soft reset of the TV. As well, created another favourites list however the issue is still there. 

Please fix this. This didn't happen before

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I have the same problem with my TV UE-49NU8072. It seems this deselction of favourites and swithing to All started afer the latest software upgrade about a week ago. It is very irritating really. It happens after every switch off and on and occasioanlly after longer usage without switching off.

This is needs an urgent fix!

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Same problem, also began after updating to 1260.


Model QE65Q9FNA.


This needs fixing ASAP!


same problem with update

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Same here, waiting for a quick solution.



We have same problem, my parents too, waiting for update asap

Same problem here. It is very annoying!



Is anyone from Samsung aware of this? There is no feedback about this issue although is quite irritating for a lot of users. Please give us some solutions for this.

Is there at least a way to downgrade the software version to a previous one that does not have this issue?

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I contacted Samsung about this and they instructed me to reset the TV which I did. Made no difference. They were also supposed to ring me about it. I'm still waiting. Over a week later


Contacted SSG as well about this issue. Got the info that they are aware of this issue and they are working on fixing it. They expect a fix by the end of month.

Let's hope we got this fixed soon ...

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