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48JS9000 & WMN550M - Wall Mount Adapters Meeded?

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Hi all


I've got a 48JS9000 TV and have recently bought the WMN550M wall mount.


The instruction manual for the TV says to fit the wall mount adapters which were included with the TV before hanging, however the instructions for the WMN550M dont specifically state that the wall mount adapters are needed for this model (whereas other models listed in the WMN550M instructions do state to use the adapters that were included with the TV).


The reason for asking is that I have lost the wall mount adapters that came with the TV so I want to know if they are really required when wall mounting with the WMN550M before continuing?

AntS Moderator

Hi @Steve48JS9000.


I'd advise following the guidance in the TV's manual here. The wall-mount screws won't fit the holes properly on their own, and so you're more likely to damage your TV without the adapters.


I had a look on the approved online retailers for the adapters, but had no joy in finding them, so you're best bet is to get in touch with your nearest authorised Service Centre/Engineer to see if they've got any in (if not they'll be able to order some in for you).


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