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40KU6000 Smart Hub Issues

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I've always found the Smarthub buggy, glitchy and slow at times but since the last formware update it really has gotten bad.


When I switch the TV on the Smarthub menu comes up and won't respond for 30 secs or so then whatever you select it crashes and goes back to the main menu where you need to select again.


The Youtube app will no longer remember the pairing between it and my Google account.



As an aside I've also found the Freeview tuner keeps forgetting it's region so it keeps trying to show me channels from a neighbor region which I don't have a strong enough signal on to use and the only way to fix it seems to keep doing a channel rescan when it happens.



Things I've tried include resetting the Smarthub, resetting the TV to factory settings and resetting my router but all to no avail.


I'm kind of lucky I have an Amazon Fire TV box I can retreat to most of the time for apps but it's really annoying the TV can't cope with things.


Has anyone found similar and know of any solutions? Samsung support just suggested factory reset and switching it off and on which I've tried a multitude of times.

KellyM Moderator

Hi there @southerner,


What software version is your TV running on at the moment? Go to: Settings > Support > Contact Samsung. 


Does it behave the same when using a wired and wireless connection to the internet?

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@Kelly M - I'm on firmware 1163.


I generally use a wired connection as the TV doesn't seem able to stream UHD over WiFi.

RyanM Moderator

We're going to check with the specialists @southerner and see if they can recommend anything further. If you're able to share a video of the issues that would be really useful as well. 


Lastly, do you experience the same issues if you remove the Amazon Fire from the TV (along with anything else that might be connected)? 


AntS Moderator

Hi @southerner.


Our specialists have advised us for you to give them a call on 0330 726 7864, so they can see if remotely accessing and configuring some settings on your TV will sort these issues out.


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