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2x HDMI ports no signal - 55ku6670

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TV approx 2 years old.

About a month ago HDMI ports 2 & 3 stopped working (port 1 is still ok). It recognises a device is plugged in as it auto switches to that port but it says there is no signal.

i have tried multiple devices and multiple cables but no joy (all of which also work when using port 1). TV is up to date.


My concern is that i am having to change cables multiple times a day when i switch devices (Sky, PC etc) and that port 1 may eventually stop working.

Anyone had similar issues? where do i stand with repairs  / warranties etc (it came with a 5 year warranty on purchase)


thanks in advance

CarloL Moderator

Hi @Randell! This sounds like an hardware issue with the HDMI ports, something our AudioVisual team would need to look into. Please get in touch with them on this number: 0333 000 0333. They will be happy to offer you full technical support .

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