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2019 Frame TV Art Mode Mount issue

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Hi all


Just bought a 2019 Frame TV and I'm after some help - I've uploaded a few photos from my mobile to use in art mode but, except for one, they all have no options for using the Modern mount, only the horrid Shadowbox mount! One of my photos does show this option but the rest don't, despite them all being from the same device. The one that works wasn't resized to 16:9 so squished the image, I resized it and now it doesn't show the option to use the Modern mount which is annoying. I've uploaded other 16:9 images and they don't show the option either. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance




Have the same issue... I tried all sorts of sizes ... and the only option available is Shadow Mount.

Any suggestion?


Just noticed that weirdly that whilst adding the mount of the phone allows shadow box only, when I tried it in the TV the modern mount was available... On pictures at 16/9 exactly. Ie. Uploaded 16/9 photo via phone. Gone on the TV and added the mount there. All options were available. 

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Hi I have the same problem but unlike you I only get the shadow box option on the tv too. Can I ask, what actual resolution was the photo it worked on? That could make a difference as well as the aspect ratio. Thanks.

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