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2018 UHD Evolution Kit - SEK-4500

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Hi there Claus4, please keep us updated on your findings. I read somewhere on this forum, someone very adamant that the SEK4500 doesn't work with the uk JS9000 TVs? But I can't seem to find that comment now, I think whoever it was must have deleted the comment after finding out the truth and didn't feel like sharing after causing confusion. Claus4 it would be truly appreciated if you could debunk that myth and also let us know if the SEK4500 causes any loss of features as you mentioned in your comment. Also details on which region your box is from. The more details the better. Please keep us updated on your findings. All the best👍👍👍

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Hi Thank you for your reply to the SEK4500  i also try to find out if i will loose the 3D of the tv js 9000 65 inch Samsung  as soon i find out i will install it on my tv and put my findings on the Site. i printed 2Manuals of a site one was 165 pages and one was 80 pages , the the full manuals

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Hi Fellas


I have the JS7000 2015 model flat screen 65 been superb tv but as I have read as you guys have that not sure if this evolution kit works with Vat added it works out nearly £300 which is a lot but it would have t o work properly for me to invest


Just need to find out if it's worth the investment 

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I too would be interested in knowing if imported versions work with no loss of functionality. 


Its less important for me now as i have a 4K receiver and sky q so I can put my 4K sources through the receiver. Sky q now has Netflix and my BD player has Amazon Prime in addition.


Still won’t be buying Samsung next time though. 

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I payd  278 from no postage, I haven't installed my 4500 as I don't know if my 65 inch js9000 will still be a 3D Tv after installation

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