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1251 FW: Local dimming issue & subtitles solved??


Do Samsung finally solved all that issues (bad local dimming function with blooming, brightness changes with or without subtitles, etc...for every 2018 tv with local.dimming "feature") for 2018 Tvs lineup?? I'm from south america but haven't received the firmware update yet but waiting for real experiences

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don't download it because the black bars which sometimes appear in movies, will bloom and it is annoying....!!!!!


No, not fixed. But it happens only on HDR content. I can't say how it was before, because I got the TV recently.

Last night I activated semi transparent subs in Netflix and I hope this will help, because the subtitles are not exactly white, but haven't watched anything HDR with a dark scene to see if it will solve the problem.

Anyone tried that?

Watched HDR content on netflix with transparent yellow subtitles movie mode local dimming high and its very minimal blooming now, not perfect but better than 1203... And the black bars are the same as before depending te brightness of the content image. Th same for SDR content... On content from pendrive mkv with subtitles I dont know because the caption brightness was changed in service menu at 45 level. The problem remains the same when using normal subtitles in netflix ( only changing to transparent its solved partially)

I don't have the problem on SDR content at all. And the brightness problem was barely visible on one scene from a show I watched today on Netflix. No blooming of the subtitles either when they are semi transparent. I don't see it with Plex and HDR content, maybe it renders subtitles differently.

So for me it's a solution that almost fixes all.

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the problem is still there (q9fn, default settings, firmware 1251) even without HDR content.


It got even worse because now there is also a short dark flash in the subtitle area sometimes.


Samsung people, why does nobody ever reply to these threads?

How can you knowingly ignore customers who have purchased what was supposed to be the high-end 2018 TV of your brand? We paid thousands of $, € or £ for premium image quality and we get this instead!?

Having a bug / bad algorithm is not the issue, the lack of willigness to give us a solution is. This is unbelievable!

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