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tv (uhd tv 7 series) keeps asking to select region??

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tv (uhd tv 7 series) keeps asking to select region??

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Hi @SL-71.


Are you still having this issue or did you manageto get it resolved?


It's good to find your post as I have the same issue. I bought the UE55NU7500 last week. Great TV but every time I turn it on a window comes up asking to confirm the Freeview region. It shows the correct region in the boxes (i.e. the one I selected previously) but I still have to confirm it. 


This is not a random thing as it happens 100% of the time. I checked the firmware and I have the latest version. Is this a bug? Luckily I have a John Lewis guarantee so I'll send the TV back if it's a known bug that hasn't been fixed.



Update: I've just found this thread which has a solution:


The solution is as follows:

1. Settings

2. Broadcasting

3. Auto Tuning Settings 

4. Standby Auto Tuning - turn this OFF

I've now done this so I'll confirm it's fixed the issue permanently in a day or so.


I confirm that this workaround works permanently. The downside is that there's no auto checking for new channels, but hopefully Samsung will issue a fix in due course.

A quick update: the latest firmware 1202.3 seems to have fixed this bug. After updating the firmware I turned standby auto tuning back on and so far the issue hasn't returned.
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