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Youtube will no longer be apart of the Samsung smart tv

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Personally I think Samsung should let people decide what app they want on there TV,especially when I am paying 2700 hundreds dollars for your tv...but better yet Samsung you can't keep the dam Chinese writhing off of you tube I will bring f#$%&%#%& TV back and get my money back and go with one of your competitors....O if you want to respond my email is *****, you can't even get that write because your systems say invalid email address but remember Samsung I have bought almost five thousand dollars worth of your tv's,I spent a nother couple of thousand on Samsung tablets you know the 8.4 the S3 the ...and the list goes please take the flipping Chinese writhing off of MY YouTube chanel........


Oh my goodness, you have a Chinese person writhing on your tv? I can certainly imagine, that would be distracting. I'd suggest offering them a nice cup of tea and politely ask them to get off the tv and sit still in a chair until somebody comes to collect them.


So is YouTube going then? 

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So is YouTube going then? 

No ,YouTube is only not available on The Smart Hub of older Tvs      Nonetheless some folk may have issues, unclear if @IrishTown problem with their channel or Youtube in general. Should always ensure you have latest firmware   If not done already should try is to reset Smart Hub and unplug for 30 seconds, factory reset and try reinstalling app.  If not resolved should contact support and consider remote support.

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no it is samsung´s who is responsible for misleading advertisement !!!! they added this campagne to there tv´s so it´s is 1 big world wide scam because we bought this terrible tv for nothing! i want youtube facebook and twitter on my tv or else i want my money back !!! this was not know when i bought this so it´s samsung´s problem thats what every lawyer all around the world will say ! so where can i return my tv and get my 3000 euro´s back.....

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