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UE55MU9000 - Unable to turn off screen when playing music

It probably would reduce power consumption by dimming the back-light. However it is primarily just to avoid having an unwanted bright screen with a static image. Many people like to listen to music or a radio channel to help them go to sleep.

I had LG tv before. I mostly listen music through my home theater. Now I bought samsung thinking it is upgraded to current standard. Now I am dissapointed to se the best feature reamoved. I simply dont care all those gimmick features shown in advertisement. Now my money is gone and all it is left with is this tv Amd a brand who doesnt listens to consumers. And btw I have made many people not to buy samsung smart tv. Better buy LG or something else. My last Samsung TV forever. Never using this TV again. Proud that many choose not to buy samsung because of me. 

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