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UE55MU7000 - HDMI UHD Colour - Black Screen

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Hi Guys,


I'm having abit of a issue with my new TV - Not sure if its a setting or compatibility issue. I have a UE55MU7000 Tv and using it as a PC Monitor. I am running windows 10 and my GPU is a Palit GTX 970 which I beleive suppport 4k.


I also purchased a new Mini display port to HDMI cable as my old converter was limited to 1080p. This is the one I purchased  and stated : support HDMI HD solution up to 4K X 2K @60Hz


Now as soon as I turn on HDMI UHD Colour for my HDMI 1 input the screen goes black and flickers. I'm not sure what the issue is. Once I turn it off its fine and I am able to use the native resolution 3840x2160 however limited output format of ycbcr420 - 8bit.


Any ideas here ?





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Send it back and get a TV that does work.

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