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Transaparent lines on ue60ku6000 tv screen

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I hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction please.

I have recently noticed these transparent lines on my tv (photo attached) mainly on the left side of the screen from middle to bottom. I cant realy tell you how long they have been there just that I have started to notice them when darker images are disaplayed. Is this normal? The tv was bought in november 2016 so out of warranty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks. 20181215_093321.jpg



Hello ,


For your TV, preferably to make some changes in order to have a better quality of image, you can activate some options:


Auto Motion Plus: Home> Settings> Image> Expert Settings> Auto Motion Plus Settings

Motion Plus Game Settings for: Home> Settings> General> External Device Manager> Game Mode Settings> Motion Plus Game Settings

HDR + Mode: Home> Settings> Picture> Expert Settings> HDR + Mode

If you still have the same problem, you should contact the Samsung service for repair your TV. 


To reduce brightness irregularities, you can make the following changes:


Picture Mode: Movie

Backlight: 4
Games Mode: Disabled

Color: Normal

Contrast: 95

Brightness: 45

Gamma (under "Advanced Settings"): +1

Black shade: Darker



I hope that my answer would be useful to you.

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Hi hamzaoui,
Thanks for your reply. Do the auto motion settings need to be on or off? They are on at present.

it needs to be on ON

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Its was set to auto but auto motion was off. Turning it on seems tto dim the screen a little and does reduce how vivid the lines are. Does this mean it isnt necessarily a fault, just a matter of changing the pucture settings? Thanks

i think you should contact the Samsung service for repair your TV.

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