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TV Screen has dark section at bottom of screen


Yes mine was replaced with a brand new screen under warranty 

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In dk Where I live The have to repair / replace in The first 2 gears but i payed for 2 ekstra years trough a insurance ... worth the money 

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I have the same issue on a ue40mu6400 an engineer is coming to fix it as i only had it 8months ago but i feel i should get a replacement because i paid for a brand new tv with no faults not a refurbished tv i could of got a refurbished tv for alot less. Dark marks seem to be a common problem with samsung tv but when reviewing tvs i found nothing about this issue untill i had the issue now i notice its a problem people should be told about this because if i left it to get worse it would of cost a fortune. How do i make my own post to work out how many customers have this issue rather than just making a tag.

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Ive got same issue i should get new tv or money back as im still under warranty not a repair job as im worrid itll happen again and the warranty will be run out thatll mean ill need a new tv after a few months samsung should do more than repair fault they know about if i get same problem in future after warranty runs out what will samsung do considering they know they got a common issue.

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Samsung will not help you, if out of warranty.


I personally contacted Currys (where I bought it from) I had to pay £95 for them to collect and diagnose that it wasn't damage by myself.

Beyhond economical repair. So under Consumer Rights, Currys refunded me around half the price I paid.

Not ideal,.but I have now gone on to purchase a SONY tv Which came with 5 year warranty. 




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F62FD926-F87A-4638-BD2E-8E53C0F21877.jpegAbsolute load of rubbish

12 months after I purchased my tv the screen went dark on the bottom. Took it back to Curry’s and it was repaired with a new screen.

Now 12 months have passed again and would you look at that, exactly the same issue.

So new screen time again, who wants to place a bet on what situation my tv screen will be in 12 months after its fixed???!!


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