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SmartTV Apps keep crashing

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I have a 2013 UEF7000 TV which I have used for several years without any issues. Recently, I have started to have an issue every time I am watching TV shows through apps in the SmartHub (main ones I use are Netflix, Amazon and All4) where the show hangs and  appears to be buffering but never recovers and the app crashes or loses internet connection completely. Each time this happens I have to switch the TV on and off and resume playing. It has become impossible to watch for more than about 20 minues without the issue occurring. I have internet of 150mbps and have tried wired and wireless connections, with the issue occuring with both connection types. I use other devices in the home where I stream video on the same platforms without any problems whatsoever. I have tried resetting the SmartHub, I have the latest firmware, latest version of all apps and have tried signing in/out of apps. Not sure what else to do.

This is driving me mad - please help


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I’m too having the same issue but with the UE40F8000. Anything related to smart hub crashes periodically. 


Did you find a fix for this? 



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Hi @Benharding.


Could you provide the current software version of your TV? Go to Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.


@Mark19 - Did you manage to resolve your issue?

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Thank you for your response.


The firmware version is 1135



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I use firmware 1530 and apps like Hulu and Netflix constantly freeze and or crash. It takes multiple attempts to launch and app successfully. Smart hub is nearly unusable, easier to access content through Roku. Please advise, thanks.

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I have exactly the same problems. It's beyond infuriatin. Eurosport and YouTube and iplayer all crash after 20mins and the only way to solve is switch on and off to get another 20mins


In General the software and smart aspects of Samsung TVs is very poor. Very slow response and apps not easy or impossible to find.


Why is there no solution to this? 


I have called samsung and not had a call back from them. 


Will Samsung fix this or buy my to back so I can buy one that works properly? 


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