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Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet (wifi and Ethernet)


Contact the store you bought the TV from or contact samsung directly. They will send out a technician and sort it out. The technician told me personally that the TV does not support fibre. He also said that the 5ghz and 2ghz signal confuses the TV. They fix it though with a work around. I havnt had any problems since.

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Hello, I installed computer systems for most of my career and learned that eventually the only solution for some problems is a hard reboot. I took the advice of another contributor and switched off the power. I then switched it on and re-entered the required data and the internet connection was restored. We live in a small rural community with a weak internet signal so I am amazed that we have so few problems. We use signal boosters in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

Best of luck,

John Woods

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yes thats what we did but woited a few seconds not minutes and problem resolved

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Same for me man...but not all my Samsung TV have this problem...the q led I have it's working perfectly,connected at the same wifi...for this one that I have problem il concetto to lan.


Try disabling (or renaming) the 5Ghz network (you'll have to log into router and change settings),.. this has worked for many of us, including me.

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Only pulling the power plug on the back of the TV and re-attaching. Seems to work.
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Hi I have exact the same issue with my tv and. We tried everything and nothin works! What to do ???

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I bought my Samsung TV in November 2017 and just past the 1 year warranty now (it is now late Dec 2018).  My WIFI connection problem started a while a go while still under warranty but I wasn't getting quick solutions or any good results and time just went by... so here I am now with a TV that does not connect to my WIFI Internet.


Model:  UNMU658000 - 4k UHD 65" Smart TV


Comcast Internet Connection:

I have checked all internet settings on my router and with all other home devices (computers, cell phones, etc.) and the connection is just fine.  Comcast even came over to install a fresh new router of the box for me to ensure no issues.  I also have an Amazon Firestick connected to my Samsung TV and the Firestick is picking up the WIFI signal just fine.  The TV and the router are on oppposite ends/floors of the house by the way... dual network (2.4 and 5) that appear as two seperate names, even though both have the same password.


Samsung Troubleshooting:

Comcast did their part, so I spent a good chunk of my day today troubleshooting with Samsung on the phone from:

1)  unplugging the TV and the router and replugging after 5-10 minutes

2)  manually changing the DNS Server ( / / /

3)  a full factory reset

4)  downloading the latest Firmware software upgrade file onto a USB pen drive and loaded it onto the TV, and finally,

5)  connecting via my cell phone hotspot.


NONE of these solutions have worked.  I went to Best Buy to see if a WIFI Range Extender will work (will try it tomorrow), but have very little expectation that it will work.  The last resort option will be to call a local Samsung-Authorized technician for a home visit to evaluate, but since I am now out of warranty, I expect the cost of this visit and any followup labor/parts to be expensive.


I can get to basic apps like Netflix, Pandora, etc through the Amazone Firestick, but this is more about principle that I want my TV internet connection to be functional after paying so much money for a "top of the line" TV.


Are there any other solutions I can try which I havent mentioned above or by others in this thread?


@Forchemchick wrote:

Did you ever find a fix to this problem? For the past week i have been having to reset the network settings and re-enter my password everytime i turn the tv on. Its making me crazy!  

A quicker way for me is to turn it off at the wall plug for 5 seconds. I'd go crazy too if I went the reset network settings update every time! 


Mine seems to  be behaving itself lately so fingers crossed.

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That's all I did. Just pulled the power plug from the back of the unit.

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